One of Biz Group’s five brand promises to help deliver business impact is to provide extensive support and flexibility to achieve your End Game through Learning.

We provide a dedicated Customer Success Specialist who acts as your single point of contact and ensures each Learning Journey and Learning Experience is delivered with seamless support to maximise results.

In this article, we talk about John Paul Mogatas, fondly known as JPM, who works in the Biz Group Customer Success Team as a Project Manager. He is a classic example of how we live and deliver the Biz Group value of going beyond expectation in supporting our clients.

Fulfilling client expectations

JPM works with our clients to understand their expectations and discusses the final Learning Journey. This gives our clients clarity about the training topics, our training consultants, and the workshop structure. A Project Timeline is then agreed upon to ensure the Learning Journey is completed on time.

Next, he shares the Project Management Plan with the clients. Establishing the check-in process and the communication process and plan gives clients clarity about the rollout of the Learning Journey.
Apart from ensuring that the Leadership Journey is delivered per the requirements, JPM also works as an extension of our clients’ L&D team.

He is the go-to person for managing the complete Learning Journey for our clients. He handles clients’ internal communications, coordinating with the participants to ensure they have everything they need before the training session. Sending the prework and providing they complete it beforehand helps prepare the participants and makes the training session more engaging and impactful.

Working with leaders

At Biz Group, we work extensively on Leadership Development and have delivered many Leadership Development Journeys over the years. However, working with leaders can be tricky. Often leaders can be busy and occupied with urgent situations that they need to handle and may not be able to attend certain training workshops. In such cases, JPM helps them catch up, so they are up to speed in the next training session.
To avoid absenteeism as much as possible, JPM manages the communications with the participants to ensure they attend the training. Post the session, he gathers the feedback and assignments. ‘It’s important for participants to understand that it’s not just a tick-the-box exercise. It’s a crucial part of the Learning Journey for them to have the best experience and impact.’ says JPM.

Are the participants learning? Is the content effective? Is the course or workshop relevant? JPM gathers such feedback and provides a summary per learning module. Basis the feedback, we tweak the next Learning Journey to make it as relevant and impactful as possible.

Regular check-ins and proactive communication have developed positive relationships and bonds with our clients. ‘I have become a household name!’ jokes JPM. ‘I am glad to be working closely with the clients and participants.’

JPM provides support and handholding to our clients from the project conception to delivery, ensuring they have a smooth learning experience. From managing the participants to working closely with the L&D team, JPM helps our clients achieve their End Game with seamless support.