Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA)


Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) is the central bank of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and was established in 1952. The bank wanted to empower its new leaders and improve the time to achieve competency. 


Following the research phase with key stakeholders, Biz Group designed a customised 3 Block (9 Module) Leadership Development Programme for the target audience. We curated a LearningJourney with SAMA’s End Game in mind. 

We made world-class content available to SAMA’s new leaders to support their learning every step of the way. Our Learning Journeys helped SAMA to clarify and quantify current talent pain points, explore the real upskilling needs and help share a clear End Game. Once we understood what had to be achieved, we shaped a plan for the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority, including three essential elements – Future Focused, Learning Journey, and Continous Engagement. To begin with, we ensured that the LearningJourney developed for SAMA was future-focused and utilised advanced learning technologies and could be delivered virtually or in person using Virtual Reality (VR).

 To implement this, we ensured that this LearningJourney was a part of the workflow process. Learning new behaviours and capabilities isn’t possible in a day or a week. As the target audience was SAMA’s new leaders, we framed a structured learning path for them, implemented the learning methods and reinforcements, and ensured that all actions were operationally aligned. The government sector tends to have huge responsibilities, and SAMA is the central bank of KSA and would involve handling several functions under several laws and regulations. For this, we provided excellent project managers and a customer success team to ensure that SAMA’s learning participants were supported throughout the Learning Journey.


After implementing training within the organisation, we used the Kirkpatrick 4 levels to assess the impact of LearningJourney at SAMA. From Level 1, we observed that 90% of the learners agreed that the course met their needs and recorded a 65 Net Promoter Score (NPS). From Level 2, known as the Learning level, 94% of learners agreed to the course providing them with new information. Moreover, we observed more than 25% knowledge growth within SAMA.

From Level 3, known as the Behaviour level, almost 95% of learners have shown the application of learning through assignments. 

Lastly, from the level 4 results, we observed that SAMA was able to save up to 7 million on a project and noted an improvement in budgeting.

Moreover, SAMA also observed a 38% improvement in leadership direction. 


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Multipliers Workshop for a Banking Organisation


A leading organisation in the banking sector wanted to improve team productivity and cross-functional collaboration in the management department.


Biz Group set up a Multiplier workshop for this organisation and designed a Learning Journey for three days split a month apart. The tools used in this workshop included classroom training, Learning Circles, work-based assignments and AI-based microlearning and reinforcement with Axonify.

The training also provided keynotes to the learners and helped them understand the positive and profitable effect Multipliers can have on organisations and individuals.

Additionally, our virtual instructor-led training guided our learners to lead like a Multiplier and harness their team’s full capability. Furthermore, we also ran workshops to implement the theory learnt in the real world and practice applying these concepts in their organisation. In the end, we assigned assessments to find out from our learners if the training helped them in times when their leadership was diminishing. Moreover, we also offered our learners Multipliers Coaching, a system offering eight 50-minute conversations designed to help our learners shift from being an Accidental Diminisher to an intentional Multiplier.


After implementing training within the organisation, we used the Kirkpatrick Model of Training Evaluation to assess the impact of the Multiplier Workshop on the company’s management department.

From Level 1, the Reaction level, we observed a 96% score for “Course being useful for their Leadership Career”.

From Level 2, known as the Learning Level, there was a 23% knowledge growth recorded among the management team after using Axonify in their workflow.

From Level 3, 48% of learners showed the application of learning through assignment submissions. This level is also known as the Behaviour level.

Lastly, from Level 4, recording the journey results, we observed that the collection recovery increased by 500K every month, and sales increased by 21%. Moreover, business retention increased by 220%, increasing by 5.5M.

Along with this, four underperforming staff overachieved their targets for two consecutive months, increasing the organisation’s overall productivity.

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